Gateway to Yosemite

Madera’s gateway to Yosemite

During the 1930s, Maderans advertised that the best way to Yosemite National Park was still through their town. For several years, Madera had a monopoly on transportation to the Park. The road from Madera to Yosemite was built in 1877, and stages used that route until the Southern Pacific laid tracks from Berenda to Raymond in 1885. Passengers could then catch the train at Berenda and ride it to Raymond. There they would board a stage for Wawona. Nevertheless, as this photograph clearly shows, Madera did not give up easily. It continued to promote Yosemite travel through Madera. This sign was on the northeast corner of Yosemite Avenue and F Street. Note the Valley Feed and Fuel sign in the background. (Madera Images; Bill Coate)

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