Sunny Nishimoto
Sunny Nishimoto

Sunny Nishimoto’s Family

The Madera Method historians, in Mrs. Shelton’s historical literacy course at Madera South High School, are seeking community submissions to aid in our current project on the Nishimoto family. As part of this project, we plan to conduct oral history interviews with family members as well as those in the community close to patriarch Sunny Nishimoto and his children.

In addition to these interviews, we plan to examine primary source documents that detail the family’s history dating back to when Sunny’s parents first came to the United States from Japan. The Nishimoto family has been active in Madera since before WWII and we have already found ample evidence of that just from searching the archives of the Madera Tribune.

But as we know, primary sources are not limited to published documents. Many Maderans undoubtedly have old photographs, letters, and other documents that pertain to the Nishimoto family and speak to their history.

If you have access to such items, our class would gratefully appreciate it if you are able to share them with us. The more primary source information we have, the more complete our history project on this prominent Madera family will be. Thank you in advance for your support of this Madera Method project.

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